IBDOM: Interactive Data-Mapping Demo

Input: JSON Objects: Modify them at will.

Modify Fields in the boxes below

Process: Pick what to inject.

Output: Where your JSON input gets injected when you click the buttons above.

tweak the table's initial state, before injection

Keep table hidden (display:none in .IB_POPULATE) before it gets injected with "Single Object" Headers and Footer Info.
Keep table body hidden (display:none in .IB_POPULATE) before it gets injected with "Array of Objects" table rows.

see the table below

data:column1 data:column2 data:column3 data:column4 data:column5


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data:year data:make data:model $data:price:type:number_2_decimals or best offer Click here for more info on this data:year data:make data:model
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